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Towns & Villages near Kyrenia

If your planning a day out to a local beach or town you might want to checkout some of the following, Ayia Napa, Askas, Paphos, Coral Bay, Paphos or Zygi, these are just a few of the many interesting places worth visiting while your on holiday in Kyrenia.

Towns & Villages near Kyrenia

Aglandjia is a suburb of the Nicosia District of Cyprus and is about 24 kilometres from Kyrenia and has a population of around 22,000 people, Aglandjia beautifully combines the modern and old culture of the area. It has a surface area of 31 square kilometres, the special attractions in Aglandjia include the Athalassa Forest and the La Cava castle, the La Cava castle was built somewhere around 1385 by king Jacques I, it is one of the four ancient monuments in the whole of Nicosia District, the suburb also includes around 45 small parks.


Askas is a small village in Nicosia District in the Pitsilia region and is around 58 kilometres or 36 miles from the Kyrenia, the village is about 1000 meters above sea level and has a cool, dry climate. The beauty of the village and it's clean air instantly attracts the attention it's visitors, once here you will find a number of fruit trees, olive trees, walnut trees, foliage plants, wine plantations, the House of Evgenia is a beautiful architectural building in Askas, tourists can stay here overnite and enjoy the beauty of the village.

Ayia Napa.

Ayia Napa is a beautiful holiday destination in southern part of Cyprus and is located in the far eastern end of the island situated in the Famagusta District. Ayia Napa is around 85 kilometres or 52 miles from Kyrenia, it's sandy beaches attracts tourists from all over the world, Ayia Napa has a lot of water sports like scuba diving, windsurfing, water skiing, speed boating, canoeing, etc, Nissi Beach and Harbour Beach are the two most popular beaches in the area and Harbour Beach is the longest beach in the whole of Cyprus, these beaches maintain a high level of cleanliness and have the best of amenities.


Bellapais is a small village in Cyprus, situated at a distance of about four miles from Kyrenia, the main attraction in Bellapais is the ruins of the Bellapais Abbey, also known as the Abbey of Peace, it was built by the monks of the Norbertines or Premonstratensians order. Bellapais Abbey was built in the 13th century, this ruin gives a beautiful view of the sea and Kyrenia, the famous 'Tree of Idleness' is situated here, the reason why it's called the tree of idleness is because the locals believe that those who sit under the tree become lazy and do not wish to work, the Bellapais village, situated above the abbey, has narrow crisscross lanes and beautiful cafes.


Lapithios is situated at a distance of approximately 14 kilometres or 9 miles from Kyrenia and is located in the Kyrenia District, this town was a kingdom in the ancient times. Lapithios spreads from the Pentadactylos Mountain to the Mediterranean coast, Kyparissobouno, the highest peak of the Pentadactylos Mountain is situated in Lapithos and has a lot of lemon plantation and is also known for the white plums grown in the area. The churches and mosques in the area are beautiful, the Church of Timios Prodhromos is an 18th century church, the oldest in Lapithos and is situated in the heart if the town.


Zygi or Zyyi is a small village between Limassol and Larnaca and is about 84 kilometres or 52 miles from Kyrenia, it is situated along the Mediterranean coastline, in fact, Zygi community is the only community of Cyprus that is situated along the coast. Another interesting thing to note about Zygi is its unique name, Zygi, pronounced as Zee-yee, has it's name in the Guinness Book of World Records for its unique pronunciation. Zygi is a beautiful tourist place where you can get to eat a variety of delicious sea food here, fishing and fisheries are the main occupation of the people of this area.


Morphou is a market town, situated in the north west of Cyprus and is in the Nicosia district of Cyprus and is around 38 kilometres or 24 miles from Kyrenia. The town was founded by the Spartans and has a population of around 12,000 people, Morphou is believed to be the place where the 'poor saint', Saint Mamas, lived, he is worshiped all over the world as the brave hermit who rode a lion. Morphou is famous for melons, apples, grapefruit and other citrus fruits, it exports a major portion of these fruits and the rest is converted into fruit juice for local consumption.


Pegeia or Peyia is a beautiful place, about 114 kilometres or 71 miles from Kyrenia and is situated in the foothills of Paphos district of Cyprus, Pegeia has traditional houses and a number of old churches, the supermarkets and bakeries of Pegeia store all the essential amenities. The Coral Bay is hardly 15 minutes drive from this place, the highest point in the area is just a short drive away, it's an upward drive on the road along the mountain, once you reach the top, you will get a beautiful view of Phapos and Coral Bay, the drive along the Pegeia forest road is another picturesque sight.


Lefkara means lace making, this village is about 60 kilometres or 35 miles from Kyrenia and is famous for it's laces and silverware, it is said that the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci bought laces from Lefkara to take back to Italy. It has two villages, Pano meaning upper and Kato meaning lower, the Museum of Traditional Embroidery is situated in Pano Lefkara, the museum has on display a variety of laces that Lefkara is famous for and is open from Monday to Saturday, the healthy climate and beautiful landscape of the place attracts many visitors each year.


Pomos is small village around 83 kilometres or 52 miles from Kyrenia, it has a big port that promotes fishery, the Dragon's Cave is an interesting, rocky cave, a few kilometres from the port, the locals believe that in the old times, there was a dragon in the cave that protected boats from pirates. Another interesting thing about this cave is that the water here is sweet, the Pomos Dam, built on river Livadi is another place to visit, there is also the Village of Virgin Mary where there is an old church, built in 1520.

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Towns & Villages near Kyrenia


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