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Sightseeing in Kyrenia

If your looking to make the most of your sightseeing while you in Kyrenia then there plenty of sightseeing tours available that will take you through some of Kyrenia's best sights, including The Ancient Shipwreck Museum which has a ship that sank during the time of Alexander the Great.

Sightseeing in Kyrenia
Sightseeing Tours in Kyrenia.

Sightseeing tours in Kyrenia normally cost around £25 per person and covers the whole of Kyrenia, the tour starts at Hilarion Castle, this castle was built to keep an eye on the approaching Arab pirates, Kyrenia was troubled a lot from the 7th to the 10th century by repeated invasions by the Arabs. The tour then proceeds to Kyrenia Castle, the world famous Shipwreck Museum, Bellapais Abbey and the Five Finger Mountain Range, the Shipwreck Museum is known to preserve the oldest shipwreck in the world. Bellapais Abbey is also an interesting building and is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, while the Five Finger Mountain Range presents a mesmerizing view of the costal area, in short the sightseeing tour covers all the important attractions in Kyrenia and accounts for a good trip.

Boat Tours in Kyrenia.

Boat Tours take tourists around the coastline of Kyrenia for just £25 per person, the tour takes off in the traditional Gulet type boat and moves towards the east as well as the west coastline, food and drinks are served on board, on the tour you will get to see beautiful views of the Mountains of Kyrenia on the other. The boat also anchors in coves where the water is shallow and calm and those who wish to go for a swim can dive in and enjoy the Mediterranean waters, the boat tours take off from the Kyrenia Harbour every day except on Sundays.

Walking Tours in Kyrenia.

walking tours are very popular with visiting tourists, these tours are organized all year round except during the hot months of July and August. The tours are led by experienced guides, you can choose to take up an easy tour that will take you into the country side or the difficult tour to Kyrenia Mountains. These tours are classified as short and long, you can chose from easy, moderate or hard walking tours, the tour will take you through village streets, historical sites, hidden mountain springs and picnic spots, the tour even stops at the shopping areas for those who like buy souvenirs, a map of the walking tour is available from the representatives, the walking tour is definitely a great experience.


Vrysi is on the headland of the Acapulco Beach in Kyrenia and is situated at the eastern end of the beach where there are a number of Vrysi houses, these houses are built below the ground level in man made natural hollows. The houses were built this way so as to offer protection from bad weather, a previous excavation in the area revealed 17 houses, these houses are separated by narrow lanes. It is said that the people of Vrysi abandoned these houses after being hit by an earthquake. At your first glance of Vrysi gives you the the impression as if the whole place is falling into the sea, unfortunately this is a very true, in fact the site is slowly disappearing into the sea due to erosion. A visit to Vrysi is a must while it still remains.

Drive to Lambousa.

Lambousa is situated along the coast road from Kyrenia to Lapta, as soon as you take a turn for Alsancak, the road sign on the right will give the directions for Mare Monte Hotel and Lambousa. Lambousa has a rich history, it is said that in 333BC the king of Lambousa helped Alexander the Great in his siege of Troy by sending him 200 ships, in return for his help Alexander declared Cyprus free from the Persians. During the 7th century Lambousa was heavily damaged by the Arabs, there was talk of Lambousa treasure that was buried by the inhabitants when they fled, this was initially passed off as a rumour until archaeologists and treasure hunters started their excavations and discovered priceless treasure from the area. A lot of treasure was discovered in the 19th century, in 1903 two stonemasons discovered a pot of gold while extracting stones from a house in Lambousa, later they discovered silver plates and spoons from the same house, these treasures are on display at the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia.

Visit Kazaphana Mosque.

Kazaphana mosque is an excellent example of the Ottoman stone art, the Kazaphana mosque is situated in Ozankoy village, which is on the outskirts of Kyrenia and is about 3 miles Kyrenia. This mosque was built in the 17th century and has a distinct, rectangular shape and plan, at the front of the mosque are two graves, one belongs to Altunzade Ismail Agha, the person who built the mosque, the other grave is of Mesut Efendi, the person who paid for the construction of the mosque, Kazaphana Mosque is only a short drive from Kyrenia and is a peaceful place to visit.

Kirsokava (Chrysokava)

Kirsokava is also known as Chrysokava and is located between the old and new harbour of Kyrenia, gold was mined here and so it's name is derived from the word "chrysos" meaning "gold". 2000 years ago Romans used this place to quarry lime stones for building constructions, the castles of Romans, Byzantines, Lusignans and Venetians were all built from lime stone which come from this place, at present Kirsokava comes under the military area and is only occasionally opened to the public.

Kyrenia Beaches.

There is no derth of beaches in Kyrenia, it is a perfect place for those who love lazing around on the beach and even those who love to try their hand at water sports. The Altinkaya beach has shallow waters and is very calm, those visiting Kyrenia with children, this is a perfectly safe beach, you can easily wade across the shallow waters to reach the Golden Rock. The Golden Rock is a small island that guards the Altinkaya beach from the sea, there is also the Horseshoe Bay, a pebble beach that is good for snorkeling, then there is Lara beach and the Alagadi Beach, the Alagadi beach is also known as Turtle Beach as the turtles come to nest here, apart from these, there are a number of private beaches as well like the Vogue Beach Club, Escape Beach Club, etc.

Turtle Watching.

The months of July and August are busy months for the Marine Turtle Research Group in North Cyprus, this is the time when turtles flock in numbers to Alagadi Beach for nesting. The two endangered turtle species, Loggerhead and the Green Turtles come to the beach in huge numbers, they dig holes as deep as one meter in the sand, then Seven to eight weeks later small turtle babies appear. "The Goat Shed" is the base camp of the Marine Turtle Research Group, those who wish to see the turtles can join the researchers at their base camp in the Alagadi Beach just before sunset, Alagadi Beach is about 12 miles from Kyrenia.

Hiking in Kyrenia.

The Kyrenia Mountains are a perfect place for hikers, the spring season is ideal for hikers, as there are wild flowers throughout the season making it perfect for walking, winters too are a good time for hiking, as the weather isn't too hot and sultry like it is in the summers. you could go hiking with a hikers group and go hiking along the long mountain range, the mountains in Kyrenia stretch for about 120 kilometres along the coast and give a beautiful view. The Association of Mountaineering in Kyrenia organises excursions, these start at 7am in the morning and cover a lot of castles and monasteries on the way, hikers can also ask for a road map of the places they visit during the day, if the whole group agrees, there can also be slight changes in the places of visit, on the whole, it is an interesting experience.


Troulli is a beautiful place to visit and is 16 kilometres (10 miles) from Kyrenia and is the best place for those who wish to be close to nature, Troulli is not a village or town, in fact, there is no settlement in Troulli, it is a tourist attraction with rocky crags, limestone cliffs, flattop conical hills and many more. It is said that those who do not have much time to visit the northern coast of Cyprus, should visit Troulli, it gives the feel of the whole of the northern coastal area, in spite of being a tourist attraction, it is well preserved probably because there is no road to the coast, vehicles can be parked at some distance and the rest of the trip is on foot and is only a short distance and well worth the effort.

Akamas Peninsula.

Akamas Peninsula is situated on the west coast of Cyprus, it is a bit far from Kyrenia but is a must visit for those who have time, the Akamas Peninsula got it's name from the son of Theseus, the hero of the Trojan War, the peninsula has beautiful gorges, sandy beaches and a beautiful landscape. Akamas Peninsula is a forest area with a number of plant species, the place is not easily accessible to tourists and so, it has been saved from commercialisation, however for those who wish to go to the Akamas Peninsula, there are tour companies that take excursions, these excursions are generally of about 14 people and require at least a full day for a visit, those interested can visit travel companies in Kyrenia for details of prices, etc.

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Sightseeing in Kyrenia

Sightseeing in Kyrenia

Sightseeing in Kyrenia

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