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Museums In Kyrenia

Kyrenia has many fascinating museums that are well worth visiting, including the Ancient Shipwreck Museum, the Fine Arts Museum, the Peace and Freedom Museum, the Icon Museum and the Folk Arts Museum.

Museums In Kyrenia
Ancient Shipwreck Museum.

The Ancient Shipwreck Museum is a fascinating place, it displays the wreck of an old trading ship that was drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, which sailed during the time of Alexander the Great so it sank about 2000 years ago. It is said that when the ship sank, it was already 80 years old, making it the oldest shipwreck in the world! The ship along with it's cargo was raised from the sea bed in 1960, several technicians, archaeologists and students worked hard to raise the ship and it's cargo that spread over a large area and is now on at display at the Shipwreck Museum where it attracts many tourists. Everything that is on display here gives a record of the past, the museum gives hints about the trade of this time alongside with the kind of goods that were used, wooden spoons and wine amphora are just a few of exhibits on display, lots of other things, like the construction of the ship are shown as well.

Fine Arts Museum.

The Kyrenia Fine Arts Museum also known as the Girne Fine Arts Museum is situated towards the west of Kyrenia near the Military Hospital. The museum opened in 1975 and hosts a number of European paintings, ceramic work and various other objects from the Far East, the oil painting section has some original paintings but some copies as well, the second section, which displays material from Far East, has beautiful ivory and pearl jewellery, material in silk, metal and porcelain work and much more on display. The third section comprises of a lot of European porcelain that includes works like lamps, mugs or dinner sets along with many more.

Peace and Freedom Museum.

The Peace and Freedom Museum is located in the Ayyorgi or Karaoglanoglu village about 5 kilometres west of the town of Kyrenia, the place where the museum is located is where the first Turkish troops landed in 1974. Col. Karaoglanoglu was one of the first soldiers of the Turkish army to land in Cyprus, the name of the village was therefore changed from Ayyorgi to Karaoglanoglu to honour him. The museum has two parts, one that is open air and the other indoors, the open air part displays the vehicles and arms that the Greek soldiers left behind when they fled, while the indoors museum has photographs of the soldiers in action, uniforms of soldiers, there is even a small military graveyard nearby that has remains of some of the senior officers who gave their lives during the battle.

Icon Museum.

The Icon Museum is located in Northern Cyprus, in the Greek Orthodox Arkhangelos Church, the Icon Museum was created by the Department of Antiquities and Museums of the Ministry of National Education and Culture, a visit to the the Icon Museum gives you a chance to see the old church that was built in the 1860s, the museum was added to it in May 1991. As the name suggests, the museum depicts icons of this area, these icons were collected from different churches in Kyrenia and some go back as far as the seventeenth century. They were collected in 1974 in an attempt to save them from looting during that year, the icons include religious artworks, including a depiction of Saint Luke with his ox, beheading of John the Baptist's and many more. The icons provide an insight into the rich history of Cyprus and is definitely a must for those visitors who wish to explore the old Cyprus.

Folk Arts Museum.

The Folk Arts Museum is an interesting place to visit and is located on the Kyrenia Harbour Road, this museum depicts the culture and craft of Cypriots, from beautiful Cypriot architecture to household items, everything is on display. The ground floor of the museum displays agricultural equipments, like cooking utensils, the first floor has beautiful craft work like embroidery, wood work, carvings and a lot more. Here one can also see traditional bridal wear on display, the upper floor has ceramic items, decorated bedrooms, wooden shelves and cupboards, in short, the museum gives the complete feel of the tradition of Cypriots, since the museum is located near the Kyrenia Harbour, a trip to the harbour can be combined with a visit to the museum as well.

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Museums in Kyrenia

Museums in Kyrenia

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