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Activities in Kyrenia

There are many activities you can enjoy in Kyrenia, so no matter what kind of activities your into, you can be sure that Kyrenia has something for you, whether it's Golf, Football, Sailing, Canoeing, Scuba Diving, Horse Riding or Paragliding.

Activities in Kyrenia
Horse Riding.

Horse riding is a favourite among those who visit Kyrenia, there are two main riding schools, these are the Dortnal Riding Stables and Tunac Riding Stables, both the riding schools are in Karaoglanoglu in west Kyrenia, they offer trips to Kyrenia Mountains as well as Bellapais Abbey, riders can choose whatever place they wish to visit. The instructors are all trained and provide guidance to inexperienced riders as well, you can choose individual riding activity or group rides, for those visiting in groups, the trips can be tailor made according to the wish of the riders. The two riding schools are well known and are completely reliable, they make horse riding in Kyrenia an enjoyable experience for both the experienced rider, as well as for first time riders.

Paint Ball.

Paint Ball is new to Kyrenia and is played with much enthusiasm, the game involves two teams, players of each team try to eliminate the opponent team players by hitting them with breakable balls filled with dye, players are given a compressed air powered marker, this marker is used to shoot the paint balls. A new centre for Paint Balling has opened in Lapta in west Kyrenia, the game is great fun and safer than other sports like football, cycling or any other. The dyes used in the paint balls are harmless and are also environmental friendly. The rules of the game are easy, these may vary from place to place but it is not a problem as the instructors at the Paint Balling centre are there to familiarize the players with the rules.

Scuba Diving.

The clear warm waters of the North Cyprus sea make it one of the best places in the world for scuba diving, there are beautiful coral reefs, rare turtles, octopus, variety of fishes and many other marine creatures to see in the waters. The marine reefs in the area provide a perfect cover to hide and see a close up of the marine creatures and you can even get to see ancient pottery and other shipwreck material in the sea, some of these date back to 300BC. Those who do not know how to scuba div needn't worry as the schools in Kyrenia will have lessons where you can learn Scuba Diver, Ocean Diver, Diver Leader, Sports Diver, Rescue Diver, Open Water & Advanced Open Water and many more certifications from these diving schools, Scuba Cyprus, Blue Dolphin and Mephisto Diving are some of the good scuba diving schools in Kyrenia.

Water Sports.

Water sports are very popular in Northern Cyprus, people of Kyrenia enjoy a lot of water sports, some of these include water skiing, wind surfing, canoeing, power boating, mono-skiing, banana riding, knee boarding, wake boarding and jet-skiing. The beaches in Kyrenia provide excellent facilities for all water sports. Water sports are safe and are played under strict supervision and guidance of instructors, the instructors are all well trained and ensure that you take home the memories of the best water sport experience ever. If you want to learn more about these water sports, you can contact the hotel where your staying, many of these hotels arrange for water sport activities, alternatively they can help you with the names and contacts of some of the best water sport clubs in the area.

Boat Trips.

A number of boat trips leave the Kyrenia Harbour every day, these include trips to escape beach in the west for a relaxed day of sun bathing. The trip to the east to Alagadi Beach is good for those who wish to go for scuba diving, picnics or even a quiet sunset dinner. The trip to the Escape Beach is good for those looking to relax, the calm, shallow waters provide a perfect place to swim, Alagadi Beach, on the other hand, not only has scuba diving, but also has a good picnic spot. You can also stay longer to enjoy a romantic sunset dinner, to make a trip go down to Kyrenia Harbour and enquire about the Boat Trips, take a trip on whatever boat you feel, but don't forget to enquire about the time your boat sails.

Quad Bike Safaris.

Enjoy the beauty of Kyrenia on a Quad bike, the North Cyprus Quad Bike Safari is very exciting and there are also personalised safari trips available, you can book a day trip or a half day trip, talk to the people organizing the Bike Safaris and get full details of the trips, inform them about the number of people in your group, the number of bikes needed, etc. They will help you with the details like the areas covered, the route that the bike safari would take, the cost and all the other information necessary, travel on your Quad bike and enjoy the beauty to the fullest as there is nothing better than a bike safari, especially if you are with friends and can enjoy the trip together.


Paragliding is another interesting activity in Kyrenia, imagine the view from a height of 2500 ft, Para gliders take off from above the town of Karaoglanoglu near to St. Hilarion Castle, the height is 2500 ft. The gliders along with their pilot can either choose a smooth glide or an exciting ride down towards the sea, the gentle float in the air gives a bird's eye view of the whole of North Cyprus. The downward glide also gives a beautiful view and at the same time there is the excitement of experiencing the speed. Para gliders make a safe, gentle and controlled landing on the Kyrenia coast, those interested in paragliding can either contact their hotel receptionist or visit Kyrenia Harbour, the paragliding agents are there to help with the rest, so Happy paragliding.


Sailing is a popular activity in Kyrenia, the beautiful, calm waters of the sea make it safer for tourists to try their hand at sailing, you can choose to go sailing alone or take a person along. There are schools that provide proper guidance for sailing and give proper instructions and explain all the important points before sending you out to sail, they also provide you with the necessary equipment for sailing. During season time, the number of instructors and coaches are increased to keep a close watch, details about sailing courses can be acquired from various sailing schools, choose one that is reputed and has good, trained and experienced instructors.


Golf initially started in North Cyprus in 1926 and is now quite a popular sport, the beautiful climate makes Kyrenia a perfect place for golfing, as you can play golf in Kyrenia all year round. There are a number of golf clubs in North Cyprus, some of these include the CMC Golf Club by the Cyprus Mining Corporation and the Korineum Golf & Country Club, the CMC Golf course features 11 holes, the club is open every day and they charge a very nominal fees. At present, the club has about 1000 members, Korineum Golf & Country Club, on the other hand, is an 18 hole golf course, it is the first international standard gold course in Northern Cyprus, the course has an area of 6,600 yards and is surrounded by natural scenic beauty, the climate is good all year round, however, September and October are considered the best months for playing golf in Kyrenia.

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Attractions in Kyrenia

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Attractions in Kyrenia

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