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Anthipanitis Church
8km south of Esentepe

Anthipanitis Church directions
The Anthipanitis Church is a favourite among tourists for its beautiful and distinct Gothic architecture. The buildings architecture is amazing especially the beautiful wall paintings of Jesus and Mary. This depict John the Baptist, Jesus among angels, prophets, apostles and many more, the church is also known as the Church of Antiphonitis and has a rich history, although it depicts a Gothic design, it was actually built by a monk.

Originally the Anthipanitis Church was built in the twelfth century but was further constructed in the fifteenth century, the entrance of the church, especially, is a fifteenth century construction, but the church itself combines frescoes of both the periods. The Anthipanitis Church is located in the beautiful mountains of Kyrenia and gives a mesmerising view over the northern costal area of Cyprus, the Anthipanitis Church is a must see for all those visiting Northern Cyprus.

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Anthipanitis Church

Anthipanitis Church

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