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Sourpmagar Monastery
In the Five finger Mountains

Sourpmagar Monastery directions
The Sourpmagar Monastery was founded around 1000 AD. It is also known as the Monastery of Mary and was dedicated to Alexandrian saint Makarios, it was used by Armenian pilgrims and it reflects their living as well as shows their writings on its walls. For a very long time, the monastery was used as a resting place by pilgrims as a school for orphans.

All that remains now are ruins of the beautiful monastery. However, the ruins reflect a great deal about the past glory of this place. Nowadays the ruins are used as a picnic spot where people come to enjoy some peaceful time with their family and friends. It is located on a mountain that provides a beautiful view over the surrounding area. The Sourpmagar Monastery is a reflection of the rich history of Northern Cyprus and is found near Kyrenia.

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Sourpmagar Monastery

Sourpmagar Monastery

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