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After Dark in Kyrenia

Kyrenia has it's good share of bars & clubs that play a good selection of music, live music, jazz & even Karaoke, here are just some of the bars & clubs that you will find in Kyrenia, Bar Code, Night Park, Cafe 34, Escape Beach Club & 5 Mile.

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After Dark in Kyrenia
Kyrenia Bars.

Kyrenia has a lot of bars that are open all through the night, they provide drinks and meze as snacks, there are bars that play very loud music, those that play soft music, some have live music performances and others have wide screen televisions. Choose a bar of your choice and enjoy your night out, most of these bars are all next to each other so it's not to difficult to find the right bar.

Kyrenia Nightclubs.

Nightclubs in Kyrenia are a favourite among it's tourists, people like to enjoy their evening dancing to some of the great music that's played by the local DJ's, the Nightclubs are mostly open air, the most famous nightclub is the Night Park but if don't get chance to visit Night Park, then not to worry as there are other good nightclubs to choose from. There is the refurbished C'est la Vie club and Night Jar that opens at 9 p.m, and there is Cherenis Gardens that runs in open air all round the year. Hotel night clubs are equally interesting, including Zeta then there's the Club and Roxanne's, which are some of the most popular nightclubs in Kyrenia.

Live Music in Kyrenia.

Live Music is fast becoming popular in a number of bars and nightclubs in Kyrenia, this does not include DJ's but a lot of instrumental music and jazz, jazz is quite popular in Kyrenia, with the yearly jazz festival it has become all the more popular. La Habanera in the Rocks Hotel has live performance of musicians all night, from Thursday to Sunday, it has some very good jazz performances, these jazz performances are exceptionally good and are most enjoyable especially for jazz lovers. The venue is crowded during weekends by jazz lovers, they enjoy their drinks along with some good music, Kyrenia's night life rocks with live music all year round, Summers especially are busy months as it is the main season in Kyrenia, the number of live performances during the summer months is much more than in the other time of the year.

Dining in Kyrenia.

Kyrenia is an easy going place, delicious food, drinks and good company makes for an ideal night out, the seafood in Kyrenia is very delicious. The food in Kyrenia ranges from the Turkish cuisine to pastas, Chinese, Japanese and many more. The area in the main city, around the Kyrenia Harbour is a bit expensive and has many international restaurants serving your favourite cuisines, however, if you wish to try delicious home made local food, then try the restaurants on the outskirts of Kyrenia, they serve mouth watering dishes that are quite reasonably priced, the local cuisine offered at these restaurants use fresh fruits and vegetables, the food is cooked using local spices and gives the food a distinct flavour.

Karaoke in Kyrenia.

The Villa Swallow Restaurant in Kyrenia hosts Karaoke every Friday, here recorded music is played and amateur singers sing along on a mike, with the voice of the original singer is removed or is very low in volume, only the music is heard and the voice of the singer. It is great fun to watch many people try out their singing skills, no matter how good or bad they sing, there is a huge crowd to cheer them on, food and drinks are still served during Karaoke, so one can enjoy you food and drink whilst singing along to your favourite songs.

Cafe 34.

Open air cafes and bars are a favourite in Kyrenia, there are a variety of drinks and snacks served at these cafes, with delicious cakes and lots of music, Cafe 34 is one such cafe that attracts a large young crowd, where the music is loud and vibrant, especially during weekends. Cafe 34 is located in a beautiful place and is in the corner walkway of Kyrenia Harbour, weekdays are equally enjoyable though not so crowded as the weekend, Summers are it's busiest time and Café 34 is buzzing with activity, the Café is open all night and is a massive hit with the young.

Tel: +90 392 815 3056

Night Park.

Night Park is for those who love dancing, when the bars close, the crowd begins to increase at Night Park, it is the best place in Kyrenia that plays some of the most happening tunes around, the DJ here is fantastic and keeps the crowd dancing all night. The Night Park is located in the centre of Kyrenia and is near the main car park of Kyrenia, week days are full but weekends are especially crowded, during summers the Night Park is even more livelier with music, Night Park is definitely the place to be when your out clubbing in Kyrenia.

Tel: +90 533 873 39 09

Escape Beach Club.

Escape Beach Club is one of the many beautiful beach clubs in Kyrenia, at the Escape Beach Club you will find a good mix of music, dance, food and drinks, those who wish to enjoy the music with a glass of drink are most welcome to do so. As the night gets later the music becomes more livelier and carries on till the early hours of the morning, the early morning scene from the beach is mesmerising, the beautiful sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea is a lovely sight, people dance all night and welcome in the new day with the sunrise. There are other beach clubs like Bar Code, 5 Mile and Ice that have an equally enjoyable night life, those who cannot make it to the Escape Beach Club can enjoy a just as good night out at these other beach clubs.

Tel: +90 392 821 83 30

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After Dark in Kyrenia

After Dark in Kyrenia

After Dark in Kyrenia

After Dark in Kyrenia

After Dark in Kyrenia

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